Advanced Dental Technology Roselle Park

Modern Dentistry Made Possible

Instead of settling for traditional methods and techniques that other dental offices use, our Roselle Park Dental & Implants practice is committed to delivering modern dentistry to our patients. From digital impressions and soft tissue lasers to an advanced CT/cone beam scanner, our effort to incorporate revolutionary technologies is evident in the level of accuracy, precision, and care we provide. Learn more about these devices below or give us a call.

CT/Cone Beam Scanner

When complex dental treatments are required (i.e., dental implants, root canal treatment, etc.), digital X-rays are often not enough. This is why we use our CT/cone beam scanner. Equipped with a 360-degree rotating arm, the device captures hundreds of images in seconds, delivering an in-depth look at your teeth, gums, bones, nerve pathways, blood vessels, and more. Being able to carefully review your oral and facial structures ensures that we build a treatment plan that produces long-lasting results.

Digital Impression System

Whether you need a dental crown, custom veneers, a dental bridge, or even orthodontic treatment, our digital impression system allows for a more comfortable and patient-friendly approach. Unlike cold dental putty that was messy and caused many patients to gag, we can now scan your teeth and gums in just seconds, creating a three-dimensional model that lab technicians can use to build your new restoration with comfort and accuracy in mind.

Soft Tissue Laser

If your soft oral tissues need treatment, we no longer reach for scalpels and sutures. Instead, we turn to our soft tissue laser for cosmetic recontouring, periodontal treatment, and frenectomies. This device allows for a more comfortable treatment approach by minimizing bleeding, swelling, and the potential for post-operative infection. Instead of spending weeks recovering from your procedure, you’ll experience a much quicker healing time that allows you to resume normal activity much sooner.

Digital X-Rays

Today, the Roselle Park Dental & Implants team is proud to utilize several state-of-the-art technologies for the sake of our patients, including digital X-rays. Several oral health problems simply can’t be viewed on the surface of your smile, and these comprehensive images allow our dentists to locate and treat them effectively. Plus, digital X-ray technology is a major improvement when compared to traditional film, providing faster, safer, and more environmentally friendly results.

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What Are the Benefits of Using Digital X-Rays?

  • Instead of having to use a darkroom to slowly develop X-rays, the digital images are immediately sent to our computer system for easy viewing – no waiting required.
  • Digital X-rays can be easily modified for educational purposes, including magnification, rotation, and even color-coding.
  • There’s no longer any need for bulky storage systems. Files can be transferred easily to other doctors and insurance companies when needed.
  • Digital X-rays produce a significantly lower amount of radiation when compared to their traditional counterparts, which means they’re much better for the health and safety of our valued patients.