Every time a patient takes a few minutes out of their busy routine to write a review for Roselle Park Dental & Implants, it makes our team’s day. We always value your feedback, and we take it to heart as we work even harder to elevate the quality of our care for your sake. If you’re considering paying our Roselle Park, NJ location a visit, please take a few minutes to read some of our reviews and learn more about our reputation. If you’ve recently attended an appointment or procedure, you’re more than welcome to send us your thoughts about the experience or share them at the link below.

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"My family has been coming to Roselle Park Dental for 13 years. The entire staff is professional, patient-friendly, and very pleasant. I have also referred more than a few patients to RPD and in turn, they have sent referrals as well. Everyone is very happy with the service. My son, now 15 years old, went through the process of getting braces and is now at the end of the process with Dr. Sinha. My son and I are extremely happy with the experience with Dr. Sinha. She is very professional and extremely well-versed in her craft. She's so pleasant and makes you feel comfortable and worry-free with every visit. She makes you feel like you're seeing a long-time friend again while receiving excellent care. The supporting staff is excellent as well!"

K. Taylor, Roselle, NJ

"Roselle Park Dental is the best dental office I’ve ever been to, especially my orthodontist, Dr. Sinha! I’ve always had a lot of anxiety around my teeth and getting them straightened, but she’s made the process easy and fun! She’s always put me at ease and listened to any concerns I may have. Everyone should come see her for your orthodontic care!"

Nicole R., Roselle, NJ

"Dr. Sinha was great … nice (and) friendly. My teeth are straight so I’m happy."

Wendy K., Roselle Park, NJ

"Dr. Sinha and her staff - especially Jenny - were absolutely amazing! Every visit (they) told us what was happening and what to expect. We are grateful for their patients and great care."

Barbara P., Rahway, NJ

"Just wanted you to know your service is great. Really appreciate my hygienist Sanchia Jackson and Dr. Rodriguez and his professionalism. All staff members are great. Thank you!!!"

C. Mayo, Roselle Park, NJ

"I loved the staff. My concerns were always their needs. I loved my braces journey with them!"

J. Rodman, Linden, NJ

"Very pleased with the results of my Invisalign treatment. Dr. Sinha is the best!"

C. Laranjo, Kenilworth, NJ

"I would recommend the Invisalign treatment plan with Dr. Sinha. I understood every part of the process and every appointment was done in a timely manner. My input and comfort were always considered. Five out of five stars from me. Zero complaints. Probably my favorite part is the hospitality and attention to details from our conversations (during) all of my visits!"

C. Studivent

"I’m very impressed with my teeth. After going to different places and getting negative feedback … I’m glad I had Dr. Sinha and staff for their professional nature and kind gestures."

J. Collantes, Morganville, NJ

"My experience at Roselle Park Dental has truly been wonderful. I’ve been coming here for years and they do not disappoint. The dentist and assistants are always very helpful and make me feel comfortable. They are also very on point with appointments and make sure to email or call to confirm an (upcoming) appointment. An important aspect of Roselle Park Dental is how hygienic they always are. At the end of the day, they do their job well and are very personable. Thank you, Roselle Park Dental!"

A. Montilla, Millstone, NJ

"The best decision at my age (was) to have my teeth straightened. The process was easy (and) painless. The staff and Dr. Sinha were the absolute best. Every week, I would look in the mirror with amazement. My teeth looked fantastic and (I) can smile big and not be embarrassed. Thank you, Roselle Park Dental, for not only the fantastic job with the Invisalign, but I also had an implant put in. This tooth and erosion of bone were missing since my early 20s. I never thought I would be a candidate (for a dental implant) … how amazing to have the space filled with a tooth."

D. Colletti, Belvedere, NJ

"I couldn't be … happier. My son got his braces about a year ago … his teeth were very crooked. And the final result is outstanding. The doctor and staff were very friendly and very professional."

A. Perez, Roselle Park, NJ

“I went to Roselle Park Dental to have braces put on. The dentist did a wonderful job. (My) teeth look beautiful. I would recommend Roselle Park Dental to anyone that needs braces. The staff are professional and courteous.”

R. Patteway, Roselle Park, NJ

“Dr. Sinha - You are the most professional courteous warm friendly and “the bomb” ortho doctor ever! I recommend you highly to anyone who is in need of braces and ortho care. My smile is amazing! Thank you very much.”

F. Smith, Roselle Park, NJ


“My daughter had a wonderful ortho experience. The doctor and staff are very professional from start to finish. The staff is very gentle and caters to children. I would definitely recommend it to my family and friends.”

T. Beaulsien, Roselle Park, NJ


“Very professional and courteous service. They cared about the needs and comfort level of my child during the (whole) braces experience - from start to finish.”

C. Shaw, Roselle Park, NJ

"I started coming to Roselle Park Dental five years ago. I have always been impressed by the staff (because they are) very respectful and kind. I loved that the office was up to date and that my time was never wasted. All of the above prompted me to (go) further with ortho. Dr. Sinha was always making sure that I was comfortable during my braces appointments. I loved that the staff catered to me … I am very pleased with the entire process! If I were still living in Jersey my husband would be an ortho patient! Love you guys!!"

C. Carter, Concord, NC

“My experience at Roselle Park Dental was very good. All the staff was very professional and nice. Dr. Sinha is a very knowledgeable person and was very helpful (throughout) my entire process. I am very glad I chose this office.”

Oluwatosin, Rahway, NJ

“Dr. Sinha was extremely patient and professional with my son Daniel. Since he came to Roselle Park Dental 18 months ago, she was always here for any of his needs and adjustments, and she was able to maintain Daniel’s confidence in all the work that was done on his teeth. Dr. Sinha deserves praise for her work with Daniel and I would not hesitate to recommend and endorse her 100%.”

Aron Sharf, Bridgewater, NJ

“My experience with Dr. Sinha and the staff at Roselle Park Dental has been amazing. I felt safe and cared for throughout my journey with braces. Dr. Sinha made sure I got the best results possible and I’m very happy with my results. Dr. Sinha did an amazing job and I am very grateful for her. She helped me gain confidence because of my smile. I’m finally able to smile with my teeth and not cover my face when I’m laughing, all thanks to Dr. Sina. I’m so grateful for having such an amazing orthodontist.”

Sarah Kajosevic, Roselle Park, NJ

"Choosing Roselle Park Dental was a life-changing experience. The customer service here is phenomenal and I enjoy myself (during) every visit. I needed a better smile and every doctor and nurse made it their priority to make that happen. Thank you Roselle Park Dental! (Also) Dr. Sinha provided excellent care and built a comfortable band with me which made every appointment worth it! Thank you Doctor."

Adora McDaniel, Maplewood, NJ

"My time at (Roselle Park Dental) was amazing and I recommend everyone (should go) here. I’ve been coming here for the past three years and the people here are amazing and kind. For my braces, they made me love having braces (and) I never thought I’d enjoy them. A tip: wear your rubber bands to help the process be quicker! Thanks to Dr. Sinha!"

Dylan Singh, Roselle, NJ

"I love my results but most of all the experience was seamless. Dr. Sinha is so supportive and attentive to your needs. Having sensitive gums and teeth have made things difficult, however, she is very gentle and pleasant. I am so pleased with everything and I could not have made a better decision to choose this office for a lifetime of results! Thanks to Roselle Park Dental staff!""

Barbara Gibson, Orange, NJ

"What is LANAP? As a patient who battled with gum disease my whole life, the LANAP procedure was the choice for me. This December marked my one year anniversary of my LANAP procedure and I am thrilled to say that my gum tissue has greatly improved. My experience with laser surgery was all it was said to be: very little pain or bleeding, and I had no post-treatment swelling or infection. I will admit I was not a fan of the liquid or mushy food diet the first few days after the procedure, but it was a small price to pay for such an easy procedure. I am now in control of my periodontal disease with the help of Dr. Rodriguez and staff! As crazy as it sounds, LANAP has helped me accomplish my “Gum Goals”. My gums don’t bleed when brushing (nor) are they red swollen or tender. At my one year follow up, my pocket depths were reduced. Now all I have to do is maintain good brushing and flossing habits and have regular dental visits, which I promise to do! LANAP is the way to go!!!"

Elizabeth Geminder, Happy LANAP Patient, Berkeley Heights, NJ

"We are very happy with the service we received. My daughter is very excited about the results of her braces. The overall staff is very pleasant and great to be around. I will recommend that if you are looking for a great dentist, stop into Roselle Park Dental. They will gladly help you out with all your needs. Thank you all!"

Akeeta & Amira Williams-Keyes, Roselle Park, NJ

"I had such a positive experience at Roselle Park Dental. The doctors and staff are extremely friendly. I was having issues with my gums bleeding and had two teeth that I was going to lose due to gum disease. I had spoken to Dr. Rodriguez and he had told me about a procedure called LANAP. After one year of having the LANAP procedure, the results were better than I could ever have expected. I would highly recommend if you are having any issues due to gum disease to speak with Dr. Rodriguez about the LANAP procedure."

Patricia Cselovszky, Roselle Park, NJ

"I loved my experience at Roselle Park Dental, from the front desk to my experience with the imaging technician, and with my dental hygienist Bonnie. Bonnie did an excellent job with me and worked very professionally and was very personable. Her skill and kindness made the experience pleasant. I would love to see her again."

Patrick Pereira, Cranford, NJ

"Bonnie was such a great hygienist to have! She was very enjoyable and answered questions and concerns. Looking forward to booking my next cleaning with her. Thanks for your amazing service, Bonnie!"

Joceline Binns, Roselle Park, NJ

"Having braces wasn’t easy and was truly a journey. I would like to thank all the staff who helped to transform me by giving me the teeth I’ve always wanted. The ladies at the front desk always make me feel comfortable and greet me with a warm welcome. Roselle Park Dental was absolutely the best choice for me and my experience here was wonderful! Dr. Sinha was very patient with me and attentive to my needs regarding how I felt about my teeth and how I wanted them to look. She did an outstanding job and has put a smile on my face that will last a lifetime."

Jeniah Simon, Roselle Park, NJ

"During my experience, the orthodontist and dentist were very helpful and kind. She was very informative keeping me up updated with the appointments. The staff was very professional. Roselle Park Dental & Implants is the only dental facility I recommend to my friends and family. A personal thank you to Dr. Sinha – my daughter’s smile is beautiful and her teeth are back on track."

Maricela Vega, Roselle Park, NJ

"Kelly and I had an awesome orthodontic experience with Roselle Park Dental and Dr. Sinha. Her teeth and smile look amazing! They always provided excellent service. We are very pleased with the results."

John Biczak, Roselle Park, NJ

"My daughter had braces put in at Roselle Park Dental two years ago. They are coming off today – she is super excited! The whole process was made very easy by the staff and her orthodontist was superb! They accommodated all of her needs since they had to schedule her appointments around her school schedule. My son will probably need braces in the future and I am pretty sure he will be getting them done here."

Stephanie Kilburn, Roselle Park

"I've been a patient of Roselle Park Dental for over seventeen years and I can honestly say I am thoroughly pleased with the warm, caring and professional service the entire staff provides. I recently completed an orthodontic procedure with Dr. Sinha and my smile can't be brighter and my bite can't be better. I had experienced a shift in my teeth where the "bite" was not connecting, making it extremely difficult to chew. From the initial consultation to completion, Dr. Sinha ensured that I had a complete understanding of what was involved, options available and costs...never was I taken by surprise. To say she is the best would be an understatement. I would highly recommend Dr. Sinha to anyone who is looking for a quality orthodontist."

Anna H., Union, NJ

"Dr. Sinha was so great with my daughter. The results were dramatic. My daughter wasn’t the easiest patient but Dr. Sinha always handled her with respect and grace. Roselle Park Dental and Dr. Sinha went above and beyond. 100% Satisfied with results"

Rebecca Gagron, Garwood NJ

"I have been a patient of Dr. Sinha for almost a year now, my son for two years. Dr. Sinha is the best in dentistry. She has a great team of staff. They are all top of the line professionals with superb workmanship, artistry and state of the art equipment. Dr. Sinha has a very caring and compassionate demeanor. I look forward with the outcome of my dental work. I will definitely refer her as your primary dentist. "

Raysa Hardy, Hillside NJ

"I have been searching for a good dentist for about 4 years. I have been to many who seemed to be competent but lacked the knowledge and foresight to supply the services that I needed. They were always quick to drill or extract a tooth and were always looking to perform additional and unnecessary procedures. I don't believe in giving up your natural teeth until you have to. As a consequence of poor past decisions, I need implants. Dr. Oshidar and Roselle Park Dental have more than surpassed my expectations. I have had 2 dental implants performed in the last six months with 2 additional implants in the near future. Dr. Oshidar is not only a great dentist who performs routine dental services but also performs surgery, implants, etc so that you do not have to run to different dental offices for different procedures. You do not have to worry about dentists and doctors coordinating procedures. As a result, the implants that I had (under sedation as I do not like to be awake during surgery) were performed painlessly. He called later that day and the next to make sure that I was in no pain or discomfort. I can't say this for other dentists that I have gone to. I have been seeing Dr. Oshidar since October of 2011 and so far, I have referred two friends to Roselle Park Dental and they are more than satisfied with the service. They find that Roselle Park Dental is very knowledgeable, confident, friendly, and competent in what they do. Please also take note that the staff, from the receptionists to the insurance specialists to the hygienists and dental assistants are lovely people who truly care about any and all of your concerns and answer all your questions. Insurance claims are done seamlessly. Need an appointment? They manage to schedule an appointment when needed.

Roselle Park Dental is an efficiently run practice with great personnel and excellent dentists. What more can you ask for!"

Silvio P. Westfield, NJ

"My first visit was a very pleasant experience. The office staff was very professional and nice – all the time! They welcome you all the time. I feel I have a home. Dr. Oshidar is a real gem. I TRUST him totally. I told him I want to marry him. He has a great smile, is very considerate, and his work is the best. I have only good things to say about this practice. Dr. Oshidar called me after surgery to find out if I was OK. That meant a lot! As long as I have teeth, he will be my only dentist."

Mary Ann C. Dunellen, NJ

"Roselle Park Dental has made my experience coming to see the dentist relaxed and calm. The staff is pleasant and very patient. Dr. Oshidar is OUTSTANDING! He listens and respects my needs. Although I am not the perfect patient, they treat me as if I were."

Vera M. Westfield, NJ

"I recommend Roselle Park Dental to all of my friends. The staff is courteous. I’m greeted with smiles and never have to wait long. I’ve been a patient here for 10 years but Dr. Jamie Oshidar is the best. With the variety of dental care available, Roselle Park Dental provides total dental care in one convenient location."

Mary K. North Plainfield, NJ

"I just want to say how easy and encouraging all your employees were to me for my filling today. I’m very happy with their work."

Ray V. Clark, NJ

"Dr. Jamie Oshidar, D.M.D did a crown and veneer on my teeth. He is an excellent dentist! Starting with the injections that I did not feel, his gentle touch, calm manner, and friendly approach makes a patient feel very comfortable. He explains the procedure and makes the patient an active participant in the care of their teeth. He did a great job on my 4 teeth (which is important, being the front teeth!) and I am very happy to call him MY DENTIST! Follow-up care is important for continued tooth and gum health which Dr. Oshidar explained because he cares for his patients."

Edna H. Short Hills, NJ

"Dr. Jamie Oshidar is the best! Excellent dentist! He explained everything, and he is very gentle. My teeth look great."

Gary G. Westfield, NJ

"The staff at Roselle Park Dental is friendly, professional and accommodating. Dr. Oshidar is very patient and very concerned for my comfort zone! He is up to date on the latest procedures and makes sure the patient is happy with the results of the treatment. All in all, my visits at the office here have been pleasant ones."

Dolores V. Westfield, NJ

"Everybody is very professional and friendly. I have no complaints whatsoever. Definitely recommend this office to everyone."

Ana K. Summit, NJ

"Estoy muy contento con el trato que todos me han brindado en esta officina, incluyendo las recepcionistas, assistente y los doctores. El Dr. Oshidar es muy amable y me informo de todo lo que se nesecitaba hacer. Estoy muy contento. Yo personalmente recomiendo esta officina y el Dr. Oshidar."

Ramon C. Elizabeth, NJ

"The treatment and service were good. The dentist was very helpful. The doctor told me great information about my teeth. This is my first time here, and I love the service. I can’t wait to come back. I would recommend Roselle Park Dental to other people."

Freddy V. Roselle Park, NJ

"Friendly service. They took the time to explain everything. Thank you for a great experience. It’s a pleasure coming every 6 months."

Steven L. Garwood, NJ

"A very professional practice. I had two painless root canals done and two post and crowns installed."

Henry W. Westfield, NJ

"The staff is always very professional. The office is warm and inviting. The professional staff is very thorough, and they provide you all the information needed for optimum dental health. I recommend them highly."

Dwayne D. Roselle, NJ

"I changed my dentist a few months ago to Roselle Park Dental, and I have to say I am very pleased by Dr. Oshidar and his staff. I’m not one to enjoy dental visits but this office makes me feel welcome. The work they’ve done so far is amazing. I elected to go with the Six Month Smiles program. Every visit so far has been exceptional. Thank you to all at Roselle Park Dental."

Joe J. Woodbridge, NJ

"I’ve been coming to Roselle Park Dental since August (my first time). Dr. Oshidar does a great job – and painless too, as painless as a dental procedure can get. I’ve had three fillings done and have been satisfied. The hygienists and assistants are top notch. All in all, I feel very comfortable in Dr. Oshidar’s care more than any other dentist I have visited. He was recommended by 1-800 Dentist as well."

Larry B. Cranford, NJ

"I love Roselle Park Dental. From when you walk through the front door to the excellent dentists in the back, the service is A+! I have been to many other dental offices, but they don’t compare to Roselle Park Dental. I would recommend this place to anyone who wants quality work done and enjoys getting work done with gentle hands."

Ken H. Mountainside, NJ

"Me ha gustado la oficina porque la atención ha sido excelente. La cita fue hecha puntualmente. La limpieza se hizo con cuidado y se me explico muy detalladamente como mantener mis dientes limpios y sanos. El dentista también fue muy cortez y me explico lo que necesito hacer para tener una dentadura bonita. Otra ventaja que veo es que se habla Ingles y Español. Lo que no entiendo en Ingles, me lo explican en Español. Todo el personal es muy agradable y cortez. Muchas gracias."

Lucero A. Roselle Park, NJ

"Roselle Park Dental is a dental office I would highly recommend to anybody looking for a dental clinic or thinking of changing their dentist. The clinic is very clean and organized. Dr. Jamie Oshidar is very nice and knows exactly what needed to be done when I showed up to the clinic complaining of tremendous pain. He was able to fix the problem with very good recommendations. Dr. Evan Lynn also attended to me to do a root canal on a specialized basis. He was very professional and so highly trained that what he told me he was going to do, he did and finished beautifully with no complications. The staff manning the office is very nice and very professional. They never fail to do a follow-up call to remind you of your appointment. They diligently look for ways to accommodate a patient’s request. Overall, I’ve been a happy and very satisfied patient and would recommend people to visit Roselle Park Dental for your dental needs. Sanchia, the hygienist, was superb. She was very thorough in cleaning my teeth. She took the time to examine my mouth before she handed me to the dentist. She was cheerful and talked nicely to me to ease my mind. She did not fail to mention the importance of personal hygiene to keep my teeth healthy. I would go to her over and over again."

Juliet B. Roselle Park, NJ

"The services I received at Roselle Park Dental were an experience that I will forever treasure. Being one that is very apprehensive about dentists, the staff here made each and every one of my visits pleasant. They were very professional, patient, caring and exceeded all expectations. I highly recommend this practice to anyone who is fearful of going to the dentist. You are their number one priority."

Sharon D. Avenel, NJ

"I came to Roselle Park Dental in December 2009, and wondered what this place was all about since it was now under new ownership. To my surprise, I was greeted by Dr. Oshidar and his staff, who gave me an honest and professional consultation. I want to express my satisfaction and appreciation for the expertise, patience and warm personal attention. I highly recommend this office and its doctors and staff for any procedure that you may be considering, knowing that in the end you will be completely satisfied. If not, they will make sure that you are satisfied before the work is completed. It has been a pleasure to know that my feelings and concerns were accepted as their own and to know that even when I left the office after my visits, I could reach them any time on any subject relating to the work performed. The personal care extended to me by this office is a normal thing, so if you are considering any dental work or procedure, I personally assure you that you will be totally satisfied, as I am, with all aspects of the experience."

Jose P. Avenel, NJ

"I have been coming to Roselle Park Dental since I started my job more than 15 years ago. Throughout that time, Roselle Park Dental has always been a pleasure because I don't have to worry about filing my insurance claims and every procedure is explained patiently to me. Sanchia, the hygienist, is a very pleasant woman and made me feel at ease. I have moved three years ago to 60 miles away and still come to Roselle Park Dental."

Trisha B. Belmar, NJ

"I have been coming to Roselle Park Dental for years. Everyone is very professional and my hygienist, Sanchia, is outstanding. She is very knowledgeable and takes the time to explain everything to the patient. Sanchia is professional and friendly; her chair-side manner is great. Most important, she has a gentle touch and makes the patient feel at ease."

Miriam Linden, NJ

"The Saturday hours really accommodate my work schedule and allow me to receive the dental care I need and deserve. The hygienist/patient relationship is one that I appreciate the most because the look and feel of my teeth is something that I take extreme pride in."

Rufus S. Orange, NJ

"I have been coming to this practice for 6 years, and I am extremely pleased with my dental care. The staff is courteous and very friendly. I especially love my appointments with Sanchia. She has a great personality and is extremely gentle with my cleanings. I highly recommend coming here as it is a very pleasant experience."

Lizet C. Linden, NJ

"I was referred to Roselle Park Dental and Dr. Oshidar through a friend and was immediately impressed. The staff is welcoming and professional. Minerva, Dr. Oshidar’s assistant, was great. The facilities are in excellent shape. Dr. Oshidar has clearly made a commitment to providing cutting edge technology for his patients. Quite a step up from my previous dentist. Thank you for a clean mouth and a pain-free experience."

Dan P., Jersey City, NJ

"I was a new patient at Roselle Park Dental and the staff made me feel at home. Dr. Oshidar was very thorough with his work. He filled 2 cavities using no Novocain and the process was completely pain-free. I could not believe it when he told me he was finished. What an experience! I would definitely recommend Dr. O. to anyone."

Nick T., Glen Head, NY

"If you are reading this, then you are doing exactly what I did before I chose Dr. Jamie Oshidar as my dentist. Do something good for yourself and call Dr. Jamie Oshidar’s office. I did and don’t regret it one bit. My teeth were a mess. I did not like to laugh or smile anymore and I was embarrassed by the way my teeth looked. Dr. Jamie Oshidar and his staff made me feel quite comfortable during every visit to his office and answered any questions I had. I have had an extraction, numerous root canals, fillings and caps installed, and all of these procedures and the days following were pain free. When I wake up in the morning, brush my teeth and see my new smile, it really starts my day off on a good note, and I leave the house happy. My only regret is not going to see Dr. Jamie Oshidar sooner. Thank you."

David N., Roselle Park, NJ

"I am so happy that my wife found Roselle Park Dental. It is the most friendly dental office I have ever visited. Dr. Oshidar is the most friendly and professional dentist I have ever encountered. He is also very knowledgeable in his field. I used to hate going to the dentist, but now I feel good about going to Roselle Park Dental. Dr. Oshidar's assistant, Minerva, has great hands. The technique she uses on braces is one to recommend. I would strongly recommend this place to everyone. I'd give them a 10!"

Joaquin D. Kenilworth, NJ

"I am a new patient at Roselle Park Dental. I was referred by my wife and my daughter, who are also patients there. I am very pleased with the care and service provided by Dr. Rodriguez and his hygienist, Jannin. They are both very professional and courteous. All of the procedures were explained thoroughly and my input was appreciated. My dental hygienist, Carino, was also very informative and professional while giving me a cleaning. I would gladly recommend anyone in need of a dentist to visit Roselle Park Dental and Dr. Rodriguez for the quality care they provide."

Steve M. Cranford, NJ

"I am very happy to be a patient of Dr. Oshidar's. He is very concerned for his patients and takes his time to ensure quality work. He has a very caring staff and they make your visit very comfortable and relaxed. I will surely recommend Dr. Oshidar to my family and friends. I am looking forward to achieving my lifetime smile."

Tina W. Colonia, NJ

"I am a patient at Roselle Park Dental. I came in today to get my teeth whitened and had a great experience. The staff was very helpful, kind and pleasant. I am very happy with my results. I would definitely recommend Roselle Park Dental to others!"

Alexis A. Marlton, NJ

"The extraction at Roselle Park Dental was so great. I will recommend this place to everyone in my family because the staff treats you great. They leave me with a smile! Dr. Jamie Oshidar was the most outstanding dentist I have ever dealt with in all my years of going to other dentists. Veronica, the office manager, creates treatment plans tailored to each person's needs, even if you have a bad dental problem."

Jermain T., Brooklyn, NY

"Dr. Oshidar and his staff have taken very good care of me, especially Diana, one of his assistants. Diana has always been very caring. She is always looking out to see if I am in any pain and if I am comfortable. Veronica, the office manager, has always been there to answer any questions that I have. Dr. Oshidar always makes sure that I will be without pain. He also takes the time to explain each procedure that he does. I am very satisfied with the treatment I have been given at Roselle Park Dental."

Manuel F., Aberdeen, NJ

"I just wanted to sing the praises of Janinn. She is wonderful, calming and reassuring to the patients -- and I am a very nervous one! I give two thumbs up! She is a very comforting presence when you are having a procedure done. Thumbs up for Dr. Oshidar too. He kept calming me when he saw I was ready to jump out of the chair. Dr. Rodriguez is wonderful. I never liked going to the dentist, but knowing that Dr. Rodriguez and Janinn will be caring for me is such a comfort. Thanks to everyone at Roselle Park Dental."

Geraldine C. Roselle Park, NJ

"The office staff of Roselle Park Dental shows the utmost concern and care for their patients. You are cordially greeted as you enter and no one ever is too busy. The dental care is very efficient, comfortable and calming. The dentist follows up with a phone call the evening of a procedure. This is a very nice touch. Thank you Roselle Park Dental for your great care and expertise."

Susan B., Rahway, NJ

"My children have been under the care of Roselle Park Dental for a year now and I have to say that I could not be happier with the work they do and how great the staff is. They are courteous, kind, knowledgeable and hard working. Dr. Oshidar is great and makes sure that you are well cared for and that you leave the office happy. I would strongly recommend Roselle Park Dental to everyone."

Joaquin D., Kenilworth, NJ

"Because I was very dissatisfied with my previous dentist, I was afraid to seek another practice. I kept cancelling or postponing my visits until the pain became stronger than my fear. When I called Roselle Park Dental to make my first appointment, I was embarrassed to explain that my fear and anxiety had kept me from regular dental care. The respect and reassurance I received on that phone call gave me hope.

I have found at Roselle Park Dental what was missing from my previous dental care - genuine concern and empathy. From my very first visit, they listened to my fears, answered my questions and treated me with a gentleness that I had not experienced with any other dental group. From my first evaluation and cleaning, I felt confident that I had come to the right place.

In my first year as a patient, I have undergone periodontal care, fillings, extractions and guided tissue regeneration in preparation for an implant. Through each step, I have experienced the same genuine concern and empathy that greeted me on my very first visit."

Joan G., North Caldwell, NJ

"My experience at Roselle Park Dental was phenomenal. A comfortable, family-like setting combined with knowledgable professionals is sure to win anyone over. I whole-heartedly suggest Roselle Park Dental to be your and your family's dentist."

Leonard C., Union, NJ

"There's nothing but praise for Roselle Park Dental. From the moment you walk in the door, you're greeted with smiles from the front desk staff. They provide the most comforting and rewarding experience possible (considering it is a dental office!)

The entire staff is consistently pleasant and professional. Simple things like providing bottled water in the waiting area and including entertainment in every room (I didn't miss the World Cup!) makes the entire experience wonderful.

I was in search of a new dentist for the past two years. Being disabled, my situation is unique. After a brave phone call prior to my entrance, the staff knew exactly what to do and how to do it! The billing procedures were additionally fast and without complications. Roselle Park Dental works with most insurances and are extremely understanding of the economic situation of each and every patient. They work with you and apply no pressure with regard to billing.

All of the treatment I received was pain free. They are performed with consideration for the patient, while achieving the most quality and thoroughness. My experience with Roselle Park Dental was and will continue to be a pleasurable experience and I highly recommend them."

John W., Westfield, NJ

"It is a true pleasure for me to write this statement of recommendation about Dr. Oshidar. I feel very fortunate to have found Dr. Oshidar. He was able to see me right away. Not only did Dr. Oshidar take care of my immediate needs, but he and his staff got me back on a program of proper dental health care. I found Dr. Oshidar and his staff to be consummate professionals; they treated me with the utmost respect and courtesy. Bottom line: Dr. Oshidar is the best dentist I've ever had, and will always be my dentist."

Darlene B., Jackson, NJ

"I am really pleased with Sanchia's work, which was thorough and comprehensive. She has a very pleasant manner and a good worker."

Bob Z., Roselle Park, NJ

"I have found that since Dr. Oshidar has taken over Roselle Park Dental, he has upgraded the way things are done in the office: newer methods, nice and friendly receptionists, and great dental hygienists. They are gentle when cleaning your teeth and gums. Dr. Oshidar did my first crown and it was pretty much painless. Thanks for keeping me smiling!"

Darlene C., Clark, NJ

"If this is the experience I get with a dentist, I'd like to come to one everyday."

Gboyega, O., Hillside, NJ

"I've had bad experiences with dentists and dental work before, but this was the first time that getting a needle was tolerable and being in the dental chair wasn't nerve-wrecking! I would tell anyone who has a fear of the dentist or has had a bad experience to come and see the difference at Roselle Park Dental."

Sharon B. Plainfield, NJ

"Sanchia is very good at her job. She explains everything that she is doing. She is very friendly! It is a pleasure to come and have her take care of my teeth."

Dan H. Roselle, NJ

"I have visited Roselle Park Dental for a couple of years, but today I had a very good experience with my hygienist, Bonnie. She is very professional and conscious about nervous people like me. She did a wonderful job with my cleaning because I had no pain! Thanks, Bonnie!"

Marta G. Elizabeth, NJ

"Bonnie did the best cleaning I've ever had. Fast and pain-free!"

Craig C. Sayreville, NJ

"I just wanted to say that Bonnie has given me the best cleaning I have ever had in my life! Definitely would recommend her."

Maria G. Linden, NJ

"When I came to the office, I was greeted by Carol and Lucy who kept me laughing and in an up-beat attitude. While in my own private room (with a comfy chair), Luisa brilliantly assisted Dr. Oshidar in doing my root canal as I was singing and dancing in my comfy chair to the music in my private room. QUICK AND PAINLESS! I love my dentist family."

Denise G. Roselle, NJ

"My name is Juan Rodriguez. My friends and co-workers called me 'J-Rod.' I have always been an active person with a great love for laughter. One day at work, I fell and broke two teeth. I looked in the mirror, and instantly lost the will to smile, laugh or even grin. I realized just what an impact this was having on me. I then started to search for a dentist that I was hoping could give me my will to laugh and smile again. My first choice was Roselle Park Dental. It turned out to be my only stop. The staff is superb, and Dr. Oshidar resotred my smile to its original look. I am so happy with the outcome, and have the ultimate praise for all at Roselle Park Dental. CHEESE!"

Juan R. Greenwood Lake, NY

"The team at Roselle Park Dental is professional, courteous, and friendly. From the minute you walk in and are greeted by a friendly smile to the moment you are finished with your procedure, everything possible is done to ensure your comfort. I would recommend them to anyone and will continue to trust them with my dental needs."

Anthony P. Kenilworth, NJ

"My name is Lisa A. Murphy, and I'm a patient of Dr. Oshidar and his team. I have had some bad experiences with other dentists, which made me not want to go to another dentist again. I heard about Dr. Oshidar's office on 99.1FM radio. I became interested and decided to call. My husband and I both went to the appointment. It was a great experience! Dr. Oshidar and his team were very professional and made me feel comfortable. Every fear of seeing another dentist was gone after my first appointment. I would recommend everyone to Roselle Park Dental. It is a pleasure to go to a dentist that really cares about his patients. Now, not only is my husband and myself coming, we have since brought our daughter. Hopefully we can make this an all the way around family dentist. Thank you, Dr. Oshidar and team for being the best!"

Lisa M. Newark, NJ

"I have always had an aversion to the dentist. Just the thought gave me anxiety. It finally came when I could avoid it no more. One of my back teeth cracked completely in half! I searched far and wide for a dentist that wasn't considered a 'chop shop.' Finally, I arrived at Roselle Park Dental. The staff was friendly the moment I walked in. The level of comfortability they gave eased my anxiety. The dentists were not only concerned with repairing my tooth, but maintaining my oral hygiene as well. I am very glad I found Roselle Park Dental. They have definitely helped me get over my fears."

Jamard B. Irvington, NJ

"My experiences at Roselle Park Dental have been great! Dr. Oshidar is pleasant and approachable. What stands out the most to me is the concern for meeting each patient's individual needs. When I recently told him how much I hated novacaine - the pinch of the needles going in and the resulting face numbness - he thought for a moment and then suggested we try a more local approach. Well, the application of the anesthetic did not hurt a bit and neither did the subsequent dental procedure! Better yet, I did not have to deal with any facial numbness or not being able to eat for the next 3 hours. What a great experience for something I typically dreaded! Minerva was a caring and competent assistant. My experiences with Bonnie, the hygienist, have also been great. She is friendly, knowledgeable & thorough. I highly recommend this practice."

Suzanne W. Cranford, NJ

"Roselle Park Dental is on point in all facets of patient care. The warm staff at the front desk is attentive and does a great job with scheduling. The dental treatment plan that the team created for me was thorough and addressed all my issues in a timely and effective manner. I'm very glad I switched to Roselle Park Dental.

P.S.- The reminders for appointments are really helpful in keeping me from missing appointments. :-)"

Kevin M. Cranford, NJ

"I appreciate the kind service I always receive at my dental appointments. Everyone is professional and friendly. Dental visits are not the most pleasant part of your day, but I'm always pleased with the painless procedures and timely call-ins. When this office changed ownership to Dr. Oshidar, I was skeptical, but it has only changed for the better. I recommend this dental practice often to my family and friends."

Joyce H. Cranford, NJ

"I came to Roselle Park Dental having a continual toothache for several months. Dr. Oshidar felt this was caused by an incorrect bite. But I was unsure! However, after about three weeks of treatment, which included therapy and bite adjustments, the pain began to subside. I began having days that were pain-free. With continued therapy, the pain completely went away, and I have been pain free for about a month. It is so nice to sleep through the night again without having to wake up for more Motrin. Thank you!"

Linda K., Kenilworth, NJ

"On May 21, I went into Roselle Park Dental for wisdom teeth extractions and a deep cleaning. Prior to my visit with Roselle Park Dental, I had not been to the dentist in more than five years. My fear of the dentist had prevented me from going anywhere near a dental office for even something as simple as a cleaning, much less for any surgical procedures.

I was so nervous and scared for my dental appointment. But, Dr. Oshidar and his staff recommended sedation dentistry. It worked like a charm! I remember absolutely nothing! I have no recollection of the procedures; it was truly amazing! They made a terrifying situation completely forgettable! I had no pain and no swelling at all. The staff was friendly and sensitive to my needs. I will be recommending Dr. Oshidar and his team to everyone I know."

Monica M. Elizabeth, NJ

"I have always dreaded going to the dentist. No matter what the dentist used to administer Novocain, it always hurt. I needed a crown and Dr. Oshidar administered the Novocain. I can honestly say I didn't even know he had given it to me! It was completely painless! To me, it was amazing!"

Anne P. Westfield, NJ

"What a pleasant experience I had with Dr. Oshidar and his staff! On September 11, 2012, I broke my tooth eating cereal with nuts. When I called about my problem, I was given an appointment right on the same day. Dr. Oshidar is the best doctor! He was done in one hour. The whole experience was painless and very fast. I appreciate the service and pleasant atmosphere in the office."

Elizabeth Z., Kenilworth, NJ

"I was very pleased with the service I received on 12/3/12. I got a root canal done and it was fast and painless. When I left the office that night, I had a better understanding of how important it is to floss. With that knowledge, I plan to start down the road to dental health."

April B. Roselle, NJ

"Wow! I don't even know where to start! Roselle Park Dental was amazing from the moment I made the appointment. They took very good care of me and called AND texted me to remind me of my appointment. At my first visit, the whole staff was very friendly and caring. I came in with my 1 year old son and they helped take care of him. They have a lot of certificates hung up throughout the dental office, which made me feel more secure about the people who were going to take care of me. Honestly, I am so glad I chose this office. The doctor did an amazing job on my tooth. Overall, I give this place a 10 out of 10. I will definitely be returning and referring friends and family members. Professional, polite and great service!"

Sarahlee D. Elizabeth, NJ

"I've been coming to Roselle Park Dental for more than 25 years and have always been pleased with their kind and courteous service. I continue to use their service even though I moved out of the area more than 10 years ago and have to travel 45 minutes. I look forward to future visits to see my friends here."

Andrew K. Bound Brook, NJ

"It is always a pleasure coming to Roselle Park Dental. Not only does Carol make you feel welcomed, but she can also identify who you are without asking. She is pleasant and seems to always make conversation with you. She is a plus at the front desk!"

Shawn S. Roselle Park, NJ

"I have been coming to Roselle Park Dental for a long time. There's nothing better than going into a medical facility and being greeted by a friendly face. I have to see this smile because of my fear of the dentist. I used to be stressed out entering the dental office, but then I met Carol. She is the most gentle person that one can meet. She keeps that smile the entire time I'm with her. She keeps me coming back with her cozy smile and gentle office manner. I'm so thankful for Carol - she's my girl!"

Dolores O. Linden, NJ

"Being able to eat and smile is the best feeling ever! I don't have to put my hand in front of my mouth anymore. Thank you Roselle P