Getting Off to a Healthy Start for 2016!

January 28, 2016

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Our very own Dr. Oshidar and some of the staff members are taking the TLS 21 Day Challenge to start the New Year off right! Leading us in our efforts is holistic health counselor and TLS weight loss coach Bonnie Lynn Stanley, RDH.

As we know, the health of our body directly affects the health of our teeth and gums. The program helps jump start weight loss and is also great for reducing inflammation in the body, which improves oral and overall health.

At Roselle Park, we want to set a good example of clean eating and healthy living for our patients. At the start of the challenge, we revamped our staff lunch room by eliminating sugar and processed foods, and instead filled it with healthy options!

We welcome our patients and their family or friends to jump on the bandwagon with us! To learn more or sign-up, call us at 908-998-4696 or message us on Facebook!