Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

March 17, 2016

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Most people celebrate today by enjoying a beer or two … or three. But before you do, did you know that some beers are good for your oral health, while others are not? Choose wisely and you can imbibe while also protecting your pearly white! 

Green is a No Go
Think twice before consuming the festive green beer often served in honor of St. Patrick’s Day! The green food coloring may temporarily stain your teeth. Additionally, most bars use cheap, heavily produced  beers for this purpose, which should also be avoided since they offer fewer health benefits.  

Lighten Up!
Micro or craft brewed paler ales are the best choice for your St. Patty’s Day imbibing. They are lower in acidity than darker beers and contain unroasted barley and hops, which contain teeth and bone strengthening calcium and silicone.

Everything in Moderation
As with most things – especially any kind of alcohol consumption – moderation is the key!  The good news for those who love a dark beer, such as stouts or porters, is that while they do have higher acidity levels and can cause staining over time due to the roasted malts and barley they contain, enjoying them occasionally won’t harm your teeth.

From all of us at Roselle Park Dental – have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day and celebrate responsibly!  Call us today at (908) 998-4698 or visit us online to schedule your next appointment!