Summer Savvy Dental Tips

June 17, 2016

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It’s Summertime, and the livin’ is easy! School is coming to a close and the long hot days of summer are upon us already, which means fun in the sun, road trips and yummy treats to keep cool. Unfortunately the summer can wreak havoc on you and your family’s oral health, so be sure to follow these tips to protect your teeth AND enjoy all that this warm season has to offer …

A Break from the Norm
Summer means slowing down and not always sticking to the schedule, thanks to late night backyard BBQs and vacations. While taking a break from the grind is great, be sure to still brush and floss every day and remind your kids to do the same! Also, most people think to visit their dentist for a check-up right before heading back to school, but now is actually the BEST time, so you can travel without fears of dental problem arising and ruining your vacation.

Enjoy the Tastes of the Season
Staying cool and hydrated is extra important during the summer months, however many traditional favorites – such as popsicles, sports drinks and lemonade – are loaded with sugar which can cause cavities and be bad for your family’s overall nutrition as well. Make sure healthier alternatives, such as cool lemon water, unsweetened ice tea, and cut up fruits and veggies are prepared and easily accessible.

Fun in the Sun
Staying active as temperatures climb can be fun and easy thanks to water sports, such as volleyball, swimming and diving. While not contact sports, these activities are often the cause of dental injuries such as chipped teeth. Consider investing in mouth guards for you and the kids to protect your teeth and insist on a strict no running at the pool rule to help prevent accidental falls.

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