Dr. Oshidar Teaches Other Dentists About Implantology

March 30, 2017

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Over the weekend, Dr. Oshidar held another successful continuing education course for other dentist who want to learn more about implementing implants into their practice. Teaching and consulting other dentists is a one of Dr. Oshidar’s true passion, so he loves the opportunity to share his knowledge about using the latest technology and methods in Dental Implantology.

One of the dentists in attendance wrote this wonderful Google review:

“If you attend his seminar, you can tell right away how much Dr. Oshidar genuinely enjoys sharing his knowledge and experiences with other fellow doctors. Especially for young dentists, like myself, who’s seeking for a mentor who can inspire you and guide you to a right path to success, I definitely recommend to attend his future seminar. You will be able to learn not only dental technical skills but also his unique efficient way to manage the office. If you have a right mindset and attitude to learn, Dr. Oshidar will be more than happy to be your long term teacher and mentor.” – Dr. Soolim Lee

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