Yes, You Can Get Teeth In a Day in Roselle Park. Here’s How

August 31, 2017

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woman smilingNo matter the circumstances, losing teeth is a challenge — and you may feel like you’ve lost all hope if you can’t eat, speak, and smile with total confidence. But there is good news. After significant tooth loss, you don’t have to deal with a loose or uncomfortable denture. Teeth In a Day in Roselle Park allows patients to enjoy the benefits of dental implants, without all the time traditional implants require.

How Teeth In a Day Works

Teeth In a Day, also called All on 4, is a specific dental implant strategy that your dentist can use to retain a full denture. It’s a fixed implant solution, meaning the denture cannot be removed for cleaning or during sleep after it is placed.

Teeth In a Day uses anywhere from four to six strategically-placed dental implant posts. Two are implanted at the front of the jaw, with at least two angled along the side. In this way, the implants draw maximum support from the jawbone.

Traditional dental implants require long healing periods after the implant surgery. But with All on 4, a fully functional denture can be placed on the very same day. You may need to return to the dentist’s several months later for a replacement.

Teeth In a Day vs. Traditional Dentures

Anyone who has dealt with an ill-fitting denture knows the stress it can cause. The denture can slip around when you’re eating, or it may be so loose it feels like it’s going to fall out when you speak or laugh. The Teeth In a Day dental implant method fixes that.

Compared to traditional dentures, Teeth In a Day dentures…

  • Are retained by the implants rather than resting on the gums
  • Do not require denture adhesives or creams for support
  • Promote better oral health by stabilizing the jawbone
  • Allow for easier eating to support a balanced, nutritious diet
  • Help you speak clearly (no lisps or whistles)
  • Keep their secure fit for years to come

Teeth In a Day Procedure

Many patients are eligible for Teeth In a Day. Even people who are not candidates for traditional dental implants can undergo this implant solution, as it can eliminate the need for preparatory bone grafting surgery.

If Teeth In a Day is the best option for your smile, your dentist in Roselle Park will evaluate your jawbone and capture comprehensive images using the Cone Beam CT scanner. This gives us a complete look at your oral structures to allow for the precise placement of the dental implants.

We will numb your jaw and make sure you are completely comfortable with sedation, as desired. Then, using surgical guides, your dentist places each dental implant in the jaw. A denture is affixed on top within 24 hours after implantation.

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