Dental Implants vs Bridges — Your Dentist Makes a Comparison

January 5, 2018

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close-up of missing toothThere are a handful of available tooth replacement options out there, but is one as good as the next? Instead of just accepting the first treatment that you learn about, it’s important that you ask questions and do some deeper research into your choices. That way, you can be confident that you’ve settle on the route to a new smile that will deliver the greatest long-term benefits. Dental implants and bridges are two of the options you might consider. Your dentist in Roselle Park is here to provide a brief comparison of these smile-restoring treatments.

What They Are

Dental implants are small titanium posts that an oral surgeon places in your jaw. Over time, your bone bonds with the implants, creating a sturdy base for your new teeth. After your body has had a chance to heal, you receive artificial teeth that go on top of the implants.

A fixed bridge is a prosthesis that your dentist permanently attaches to the teeth that are adjacent to the gap in your smile. It is usually composed of two crowns — one on each end of the bridge — that go over your natural teeth. The space between the crowns is where your new artificial tooth goes.

What to Expect

Both implants and bridges are viable tooth replacement options, but there are several big differences between them:

  • Effects on your natural teeth. A fixed bridge requires that your dentist files down the teeth adjacent to the gap. This makes these teeth more vulnerable to decay and infections. No filing is necessary with implants.
  • Longevity. A fixed bridge may last for five to 15 years. Implants, on the other hand, can last throughout your lifetime if you care for them well.
  • Bone health. Implants replace your natural tooth roots, and they stimulate blood flow to your jaw, thereby preventing bone loss. Bridges lack this important advantage.
  • Cost. Dental implants cost more than bridges, but they may present a better value over time because you will never have to worry about replacing them.
  • Care. You can care for implants in much the same way as you would care for your natural teeth. Oral hygiene is more of a challenge with a bridge because you’ll have to take time to floss beneath your artificial tooth.

What Is Better for You?

Dental implants offer many advantages that fixed bridges do not. We suggest that if your oral and overall health make you a good candidate for them, you pick them over a bridge. Your cosmetic dentist in Roselle Park will be able to give you more detailed information on all of your tooth replacement options. Be sure to listen carefully and ask lots of questions so you can make your final choice with confidence!

Implants or a bridge? If you choose implants, you may enjoy a lifetime of strong, beautiful smiles.

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