Get to Know the Roselle Park Dental Staff

October 3, 2018

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Meet Janice Jackson, Pediatric & Orthodontic Coordinator

What is your favorite sport?
Dancing. I do not do it professionally, but I dance a lot at home and when I go out. I even do it as a form of exercise.

Have you ever had a favorite pet?
I have only had fish since my dad is allergic to cats and dogs. I like fish because they stay in a glass tank and mind their business – gracefully swimming their life away. If I had the time to have a pet right now, I would want a cocker spaniel because they are so cute!

What is your favorite activity when you are not working?
Cleaning and watching YouTube videos. Not your typical hobby, but I love cleaning and seeing everything spotless. I’m a clean freak and I love the smell of a clean home. As for YouTube, I watch DIY videos on random things and makeup tutorials. You can learn pretty much anything on YouTube. I watch it more than TV to be honest.

Why did you choose to become a dental professional?
I fell into this position. It is not what I went to school for – I am a graduate of Montclair State University – but I do enjoy it. I learn more and more about teeth every day especially since my job is to give quotes on treatment. I learn about the importance of oral hygiene and about available treatments that range from general, to major restoration. All of it is very intriguing and working here has made me so aware of the overall importance of the dental field. I am very appreciative to be a part of the Roselle Park Dental & Implants team!