A Spring Cleaning With a Dentist In Roselle Park Can Save You Money

April 22, 2019

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Woman getting a dental exam

If you think that skipping dental checkups is a great way to save money, you’re not alone. Many people assume that as long as they’re not in pain, regular visits with a dentist in Roselle Park are a waste of time and money. The only problem is that this usually backfires! Staying on top of your oral health is kind of like keeping up with house repairs – it takes some time and effort in the present, but pays off big time later. Keep reading to find out why your oral health is so important to your overall well-being and how a “spring cleaning” and checkup will keep you out of the dental chair in the long-run!

How Does Good Oral Health Benefit You?

Maintaining your oral health adds to your life in a lot of ways, some of which may surprise you:

  • A healthy smile makes a big difference in your self-confidence, which affects every area of your life.
  • There’s been extensive research recently showing that your gums are linked to your general health. In fact, gum disease increases your risk of heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s, pregnancy complications, and even some cancers.
  • Without strong, healthy teeth, you can’t comfortably eat all your favorite foods.
  • Your teeth give your face its structure and shape, helping you maintain a youthful look. If even just a few teeth are lost, your facial structure begins to “collapse,” adding years to your appearance.
  • Regular checkups help you avoid major dental work.

What Does a Checkup and Cleaning Include?

Preventive checkups include so much more than a cleaning and “cavity check,” although there’s no question that those two things are important. Here’s what else you can expect during these visits:

  • A medical history review
  • X-rays (annually or as needed) so that any issues can be found and treated early on
  • An easy, non-invasive oral cancer screening that only takes a few minutes
  • Annual gum evaluation
  • Fluoride treatments for cavity prevention (for all children and some adults)
  • Oral hygiene and dietary counseling tips as needed
  • A chance to ask questions about anything from cosmetic concerns to TMJ issues and even sleep apnea
  • A dental exam to make sure your teeth and existing dental work are functioning well

When it comes to dental health, prevention is the name of the game. And scheduling a spring cleaning is a great way to reduce your risk of problems so you can have a healthy smile the entire year!

About the Author

Dr. Ingy Alhelawe is a family dentist in Roselle Park and a graduate of the Boston University School of Dental Medicine. She’s seen that patients who get regular checkups need less dental work overall, so she always encourages everyone to get regular preventive care. If you have any questions about your oral health or would like to schedule a cleaning, she can be reached via her website.