Why You Should Upgrade to a Metal-Free Crown

January 8, 2024

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dental crown being placed

Join us on a path toward enhanced dental health and beauty as we delve into the shift from traditional metal crowns to their contemporary, metal-free alternatives. Dental crowns are crucial for restoring teeth, especially those heavily decayed. Historically, metal amalgam has been the go-to material for these crowns, providing a dependable solution. However, with technological progress, the era of metal-free crowns has emerged, presenting a superior choice. Keep reading to discover why your dentist suggests metal-free crowns over metal ones.

Reason #1. Metal Crowns Can Cause Increased Sensitivity

Due to its ability to conduct temperature, metal crowns can often cause increased sensitivity when exposed to hot or cold substances, leading to discomfort deep within the tooth. This sensitivity may affect the enjoyment of favorite foods and drinks. Fortunately, metal-free crowns provide a solution that eliminates this discomfort, allowing for a more enjoyable experience.

Reason #2. There’s a Greater Risk of Tooth Decay

Crowns are designed to protect the decayed part of your tooth, preventing further damage. However, sometimes they may only conceal the damage instead of addressing it. Choosing to remove your metal crown and replace it with a non-metal alternative enables your dentist to address any underlying decay, preventing the tooth from becoming irreparable.

Reason #3. They Can Cause MRI Interference

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans use specialized machines with magnetic fields to offer healthcare providers a comprehensive view of the human anatomy. However, metal crowns can present a hurdle for MRIs because the metals they contain may interact with magnetic fields, potentially interfering with the imaging process.

Reason #4. They Make You Look Older

It’s worth noting that metal crowns belong to an older era of dental technology. Since most people don’t need dental crowns until later in life, having metal crowns might indicate an older age group. Choosing non-metal alternatives not only replicates the look of natural teeth but also enhances a more youthful appearance.

Although metal crowns have helped many patients, they come with inherent risks and discomforts. Choosing non-metal alternatives not only improves the aesthetic appeal of your smile but also enhances comfort and ensures long-term protection.

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