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Surgical Dental Implant Services Are Available in Roselle Park

man in grey suit smilingDental implants are more than just simple tooth replacement – they’re a serious commitment that will provide countless worthwhile benefits to our valued patients in the long run, and that’s why our Roselle Park Dental & Implants team wants to do everything possible to maximize their success. There are several surgical services that may be necessary when pursuing dental implants, and Dr. Oshidar will be sure to review them with you in full, transparent detail if he feels they pertain to your unique case. If you’re ready to start learning more about what dental implants can do for your struggling smile and overall self-confidence, don’t hesitate to give our Roselle Park, NJ location a call

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Bone Grafting

After natural teeth have been lost for an extended period of time, it’s very likely for the jawbone structure to degrade in quality, which leaves patients as poor candidates for dental implant placement. However, today’s modern advances have made it possible to grow new bone in the necessary areas! This means our Roselle Park team can not only successfully place implants, but also restore the patient’s oral functionality and appearance.

When planning a bone grafting procedure, Dr. Oshidar will first carefully examine the proposed implant site in order to determine the overall condition of your oral health. CT scans will reveal the current depth and width of the remaining bone, as well as its overall quality. The bone tissue we use is typically harvested from another part of the patient’s body or from a donor or “tissue bank.” After it’s been added to the treated site, this new material will fuse with the existing tissue. Our team may also place a synthetic membrane in order to prevent bacterial infection and promote the growth of the new bone.

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Remaining natural teeth may need to be surgically removed by our staff to make way for your new, implant-retained restoration. While we know that this sort of situation is never ideal, rest assured that Dr. Oshidar and the rest of our capable team will handle the process as smoothly and comfortably as we possibly can. Calming sedation services are available to help you remain at ease if needed, and we begin the implant procedure as soon as possible following extraction so that any time spent without the strong, confident teeth you need and deserve is kept to a minimum.

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Sinus Augmentation

When upper natural teeth have to be removed, patients are often left with an extremely thin wall of bone in that area that is incapable of supporting a dental implant. Here in Roselle Park, our team can perform a sinus graft to correct this problem and create a more optimal environment for the implant(s). Dr. Oshidar will lift the sinus membrane and insert the additional tissue onto the sinus “floor” (the upper jaw’s roof). After the treated area has fully healed, our team will finally be capable of successfully inserting and stabilizing implants.

woman pulling up lip to show gums

Tissue Augmentation

Periodontal (gum) disease is an extremely common health problem – in fact, over 75% of the American population are suspected to suffer from it. Advanced cases can badly damage your oral health over time, causing the gum tissue to gradually recede from the teeth. Tissue augmentation is available to correct these recession issues and restore health and attractiveness to your overall smile. We will either use natural tissue from a separate area of the body or tissue that comes from a donor for the procedure. The tissue will be placed in the affected area, helping to not only rebuild the natural gum line but also protect patients from future bone loss.